Certification Body

Certification Body operates as a functional part of the company Professional Control Group performing personnel certification as a conformity assessment through a third party by means of its documented system of management (the Policy of  Activities of the Certification Body, its Rulebook , procedures, instructions and records) as well as by approved certification schemes.

Access to the certification scheme is guaranteed to every applicant who meets the specified requirements for the relevant certification.

The rights and obligations of an applicant for certification of personnel who proves to meet the specified requirements of the certification scheme of the Professional Control Group Certification Body are governed by mutually approved and certified agreement.

Professional Control Group Certification Body deals with the certification of the following categories of   personnel:

Staff of non-destructive testing:

  • NDT staff that carry out tests on pressure equipment.
  • operators of ultrasonic thickness measurement

The staff that make permanent joints:

  • welders
  • operator of  fully mechanized  and automatic welding of metallic materials
  • brazer


  • installer of  joints on preinsulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks


In order to provide information on the conditions required to enter and implement the process of certification in timely manner the Certification Body has made available to potential candidates the document – Rules of Certification as a document in which all details relevant to the process of certification can be found.

The Certification Body will take the utmost care to consider all complaints and appeals to both the work of the staff directly involved in the certification process and the work of other Certification Body staff. For any irregularity of the Examination Team or Management Board members who participate in making decisions on the executed certification the Certification Body Director should be contacted.

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